Antelope Canyon & Arizona Desert | 19 April 2017

Over Easter weekend, I traveled to the Arizona desert with a good friend of mine to get away and visit Antelope Canyon. This trip was one that I had on my mind for several years, and the fact that I made that dream trip a reality had me edging on crazed.

Our campsite plans fell through, but we discovered that in Arizona, you can camp just about anywhere since a majority of the land there is public land. So, we took my Prius on a slight off-road excursion and camped in the middle of the north Arizona desert. Camping out understand the stars so far away from civilization, was awe-inspiring and as refreshing as it gets. I was reminded of the vastness that our planet possesses, and how intricate even the smallest attributes of the earth are.

Our second day we traveled to Lower Antelope Canyon, where we took a guided walking tour through the canyon. It was an absolute dream. Better than my mind’s eye could have made up over the past few years of expectant waiting. After exploring the canyon, we realized we were a short drive from Horseshoe Bend. Standing on the edge of the cliff, and staring down however many hundreds (or thousands) of feet of air there were between the darkened waters and the rocky orange platform we were standing upon was, without a doubt, unreal. In order to share this incredible experience with anyone and everyone, I decided to post my photosets from this past weekend.

Below is the full set of our weekend trip!



Firefly Lounge (ep. 2) | 17 April 2017

Hi again everyone! Hoping that you all had an amazing & relaxing Easter weekend.

I have always loved Easter, because of the message & the fact that it is one of those holidays where just about everyone really practices the art of celebration. It’s such a joyful day, which is why I consider it one of my top three favourite holidays.

I spent this Easter weekend out in the Arizona desert with my friend Brea, & it was astonishing. Driving through the red rocky mountains, the smooth & endless sand dunes, the dry desert, and the forested mountains was the perfect way to be filled with joy & hope, just as this holiday was intended to do.

We were actually able to record the second episode of our podcast while we sat under the stars, with no noise except the heavy desert winds. The link is below to listen to this podcast episode!

We had so much fun & were reminded of the beauty of letting go of control on this trip. I cannot wait to share the photos with you, so stay tuned for the sets! While you do that, give our podcast a listen, & give our instagram a follow!

Ep. 2 | Pickup Lines & Antelope
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